• About Counselling

    Some people may be involved in unhappy relationships or aware that they are repeating negative cycles of behaviour. For others, anxiety, stress or depression might be preventing them from living in a fulfilled way. Sometimes people develop obsessive thoughts or patterns of behaviour that spoil everyday living.


    Counselling is designed to offer the time and space to explore such difficulties and to provide an environment where the client is enabled, through fresh insight and the implementation of new strategies, to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way.


    As a counsellor I aim to provide a safe, non judgmental and confidential space where we work together to identify any problems or difficulties that the client might be experiencing. This might initially feel emotional and uncomfortable and it is my job to check out that each person feels able to cope with the pace of our sessions. These initial feelings may be part of moving on to a better understanding of yourself.


    Each appointment will last for approximately fifty minutes. I always recommend that clients come for an assessment session to make sure that they feel comfortable working with me. It also allows us time to agree on a focus for the work. Once a client makes the decision to continue we agree on how the client is likely to need. This varies according to each client’s individual needs. It is my normal procedure to hold regular reviews in order to check that the client is satisfied with the progress, focus and aims of counselling. Some clients prefer to come weekly, others find it easier to space their sessions out. When appointments have been arranged it is the client’s responsibility to keep them. I will notify you well in advance of any personal leave.

  • COVID-19 update

    Your health and wellbeing is of paramount importance to me and I am following government guidelines carefully.

    During the gradual easing of lock down I continue to offer remote sessions via Zoom, Facetime or by phone.

    In addition I am resuming a limited number of face to face sessions provided clients are able to follow social distancing guidance and are comfortable in working from my consulting room.

    Please contact me for further information and availability.

    I am sending out my thoughts and wishes at this time.

  • About me

  • Catherine Sharp MBACP (Accred)

    My name is Catherine Sharp. I am a BACP accredited and UKCP registered psychotherapist. I currently work both in private practice and as an affiliate for various insurance companies, the NHS, and a local youth charity.


    My core training is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Briefly translated I believe we are shaped by the conditions, circumstances and the relationships that we have with the significant people around us as we grow up. It also understands that some of these patterns of relationships, good or bad, might be repeated in later relationships. Part of my work might involve exploring a client’s history in order to understand the influences from the past that have contributed to the person you are at present.


    I have also trained in Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. These two therapies are useful for providing step-by-step interventions towards personal goals. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can be very useful in helping clients to recognise the link between negative thought patterns and behaviour. As a therapist I would help the client to explore more positive coping strategies and, by working together, introduce changes that result in the client feeling happier and more in control of their lives.


    I also believe that the quality of the relationship between counsellor and client is vital in bringing about beneficial change. I take care to work at a pace that is suitable for each separate person and encourage feedback whenever possible.



    • Certificate in Couples Counselling. Relational Academy, Cambridge 2017
    • BA (Hons) Professional Studies (Counselling). Leicester University 2009
    • MBACP (Accredited) 2008
    • UKRCP registered Counsellor/Psychotherapist 2008
    • Diploma in Contemporary Psychodynamic Counselling. Leicester University 2005
    • Certificate in Counselling. Leicester University 2002
  • Charges

  • I charge £60 per session for individual clients, which lasts up to an hour. I am able to give concessions for students or for anybody showing proof of benefits.


    Charges for couples are £70 per session, which lasts up to an hour. The same concessions apply.


    Various payment methods are available. I accept cash or payment by bank transfer.


    Sessions that are cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are chargeable. However I do not charge for pre-arranged breaks or holidays, either my own or the client's.




  • Contact

    I am able to see clients in my consulting room at home in Thorpe Waterville. Thorpe Waterville is a quiet village three miles from the A14 at Thrapston and within a 20 minute drive of Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and Peterborough. The consulting room is comfortable, quiet and relaxed with discreet parking and entry.